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Hey guys. So first off Thanks to all the DGC members who helped me with this grow 2 months ago. I started off with some nutrient deficiencies at day 14 in veg and with the help if Scotty and some other DGC members I got some Recharge ordered and started adding it to my daily fertigation. Fucking Amazing results and was so impressed how easy it is to apply it. Anyway. Had some ups and downs with controlling the environment. Still saving some $$ to invest in cooling and some humidifiers/dehumidifiers. I grew this Auto out in a 3 gal Radicle Bag in a coco/perlite mix with about 1 cup of EWC added during seedling phase and again at flower. I used a 85w LED light that gave me amazing results with rock hard buds. I cut her down at day 87 and she is currently drying in a tent in the garage the Temp is between 50-65 degrees and RH is 55-65% I tried a sample this morning and she is amazing. I’m so happy that i finally got a harvest i can say i am proud of. So far dried I’m looking close to 72-80g and i have The Dude, Scotty and Grow Guru to thanks for this harvest success along with the DGC. Been a member since started listening to episode 680 and haven’t missed a show nor payment yet. Love you brothas!