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Whats up guys and DGC. Wanted to post a few photos of the critical blue auto from Expert Seeds I have going into mid flower. Tomorrow (11/26) will be day 60 from seed. She is growing along side a Diesel auto from Royal Queen seeds and a Blue dream matic from fast buds. This lady here is taking off great she seems to have more sativa traits with the long leaves and spacing. Anyway she is mid flower i would say week 3 into flower and hoping she fattens up. I had cal mag issues at the beginning in my coco perlite mix. I got some recharge and added it into my feed at 1/2 tsp every other feeding per 1 gal. I also added about a cup of organic EWC and WOW!! Holy shit was i surprised how fast she took off. I went on vacation for 4 days and came back to some fat pistils and nice buds starting out.
I have her in a 3 gal radicle bag under 300w LED at 3500k and 2x other 300w LEDs on the sides over the other girls. So she gets a mix of light spectrum. Until i can afford a light bar I am dealing with 3 separate lights.
Stay Irie friends