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Greetings DGC, The Dude, Scotty, and, of course, Guru.

Here’s my Critical Kush beast lady. Vegged her for just shy of 3 months and flipped her on 12/17, so getting close on this 55-60 day strain. She’s in second run “Batch 64 moonshine mix” (coco base) that *was*sub irrigated with 200 ppm calimagic, 200 ppm of veg+bloom Shine, and for my base, 400 ppm veg+bloom HD during flower. I started the flush on 2/4 and am on Trichomes watch.

Almost a flawless run of dankness that should curl the wife’s toes! I grow primarily for her to treat her bipolar depression and repressed PTSD from a “childhood trauma”. No need to get any heavier, but suffice it to say, Cannabis keeps her demons at bay and her with me above the ground like no other pharmaceutical she has tried. For me, it’s all about my crippled feet. Most of the time they feel like I just sprinted down a gravel road, barefoot. Cannabis melts the pain away, and the beauty of a THC rich strain, it also helps your mind cope with pain that doesn’t go away. It allows you to stop your brain from fixating and obsessing over hurting (mind and body pain) and takes you on a mind journey past all the hurt.

But I digress… Auto Hempy here with the control bucket in front. That is a home depot 27 gal tote that I set up with 2″ of grow stone at the bottom in the Hempy zone, so I’m running about 25 gallons of coco media. Works amazingly well and allows the plant to grow itself with no pumps, timers, or fiddley-ass blumats. I left her for 10 days back when she was still vegging, and came back to a super healthy plant. I run two 10 gallon reservoirs, one for veg nutes, the other for bloom and I can gang them together for 20 gal total for those long vacays. I am buying a house soon, so my plan is to run three of these as no-till beds! Didn’t want to waste time and money on an immovable no-till bed when I knew I’d only be renting for a year and have to scrap it.

Anyway, I’m loving my results!the buds tell the story. The only mistake I made was letting the defoliation get on top of me. The colas were tall and proud before I was forced to manhandle them to get the canopy stripped. Floppage.

Can’t wait for the smoke report! Cheers and Grower’s love! DGC forever!

P. S. I couldn’t upload my video, so I am sending the IG link.