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This nice grow (crown royal) started out as a stunted one that I almost gave up on. After 5 or 6 grows with coco/peat & all the hydro measuring of nutrients i experimented with a nutrient infused coco & added 50 % peat . About 3 weeks into flower all my plants, about 4 ,started turning yellow. Fearing lack of nutes i upped the amount only to find out too late it was a lockout issue and I just added more salt . So I quickly flushed but the damage was still done and most of my buds browned also. So the experiments continued.  This time with a popular infused soil. Did soil in the past, was cheap and caused mildew and mites,  hence my coco/peat phase. Luckily for me its cold here and I tried leaving my new bags of infused soil sit out overnight when temp was in the 20’s Fahrenheit. The soil is amazing! Still add some recommended add-ons every once in a while but other than that just local tap water that’s been oxygenated and set out for 24 hours. I’m thru with coco/ peat and all the measurements. This girl withered for a month till I transplanted to soil.