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Dudes, what is going on? Coley here from Hanover Hemp located in Hanover, Virginia. We listen to every show and are currently working through our 2nd 25 lb tub of Recharge. My question is about crystalline build up in supposedly organic BioGrow. I have been using biobizz for a while, as far as liquid organics go…i think they are as good as it gets.  However, in the past year they have changed their BioGrow formula. It is far less viscous than it used to be and smells quite different. Have you guys heard or seen any info that can confirm this?  Biobizz seems to want to be completely in the dark about it.

Anyway, in these new batches of Biobizz I am finding what appears to be massive deposits of crystal salt in the bottom.  Upon collecting a handful, rinsing it off, and tasting it…it is indeed clear, crystal salt. At least to my taste buds. What could be causing this? It is in every single 10L bottle that I have and they are relatively fresh and have been stored in mostly dark area. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.