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Hey guys,

Love the site and vids. Learnt so much and very grateful.

If the VPD of Gurus sweet spot is 0.84, can I just increase humidity along with temp increases to stay around the 0.84 VPD? Or will the higher temps mean terpene loss or fast-drying regardless of the VPD?

I live in the sub-tropics. Growing in 2.5 x 5 ft tent, coco/perlite/dry amendments mix under Electric Sky LED. Run lights at night exhausting hot air outside via carbon filter. After a couple of OK attempts, I finally landed some great yields and super sweet smelling frosty Blue Dream medicine. My problem comes with drying it out the first couple of weeks . Due to prohibition (BOO!) i have to dry in my tin shed where it can get up over 90′ degrees and 70% RH humidity. Placed small AC in tent and can keep it between 73′ and 80′ degrees, humidity rarely drops below 65%.  I’ve heard Guru say sweet spot is 65′ degrees and 60% humidity.

Also how can we get Recharge down under?