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Hey Guys,

Thanks for answering by question last week about my plants possibly being stunted by the cold in flowering. I just want to add something about having plants below Zero Celsius. I’m sure the cells freeze which can kill your plant like Guru was saying however I have a plant which has came back from being accidently frozen for more than a month.

I have a Ethos Zsweet Inzantiy clone which was heavily gnat infested and deficient from being in my first ever (badly) super soil recipe back in January 2020. The plant was dogshit so I tossed it in the garage and forgot about it in -20c (-4F) temps. When I cleaned up the garage I seen the plant and brought it inside in the end of March since it wasn’t “dead”. It defrosted and slowly started to flower being on the window ledge getting the flowering cycle still. As May came along it revegged and I threw it outside where it grew healthier and less deficient as the weeks passed.  It had no hardening off, was wind damaged, was left without water for about 10 days (twice) during the first month outside.

I cant explain why the -20c temp didn’t kill it but wondering if you guys have ever heard of this before. Do I have some rare mutant cold resistant plant? I took clones off it this summer and they grew great and better than the original from seed. Does monster cropping plants change the genetic code making an entirely different strain? I have a friend whos monster crop harvest was entirely different from the original grown in same conditions.

Anyways, thank you again for all the work you put into the show.  I listen to your show every day while I drive an hour to my master grower job in Canada. Also, does anyone else air guitar the shit out of the intro every time like I do?