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Ratcheting bucket, 10$ air lock 2$ tubing. I don’t fucking know. When you need to finally catch up on everything else you have neglected, it is time to babysit 100 mf 1/2 gal masons. UnScrewing and then re- Screwing. I’m not the one. Get airtight food grade 5 gal bucket. 2 air lock things, one goes in and one out. Then drill a ton of holes in some tubing  and tie off at one end to circle around the bottom of bucket. This make intake air distribution more even. When the bucket fills with air it pushes out to airlock on top.  Burping the bucket for you. I do open up a lot to check and toss. I put in a timer though so I can really retard the drying time. I live in desert. However I don’t want to be dealing with it more than I need to. I don’t want to worry my shit gonna get weird if I get lazy or in a car accident. Bucket holds 2 lbs comfort and it is also your storage. Multi buckets on air manifold.