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DGC, Happy 2020!  Thanks to you guys I am about a week away from harvesting 5 Crystal Meth X White Widow and for my second crop ever look great.  Thanks to all of your knowledge, listener support, Recharge, and my willingness to learn a little, I should get a pound or so.  My issue is my harvest date 1/11 and a family vacation 1/20 I didn’t have scheduled when I planted.  As it stands now I plan to cut no later than this weekend.  If they dry for a week-10 days they are either going to finish drying while I am on vacation or JUST get put in the jars before I leave.  I have about 14 days until vacation.  I have a couple options that I have come up with. let them grow another week and dry while on vacation, dry them for an extended period while I am gone OR have a way to “slow burp” with out me being around to open the jar.  what is the best situation after harvest for me to not be around for, the drying or the burping?  And yes, I have considered a friend to help BUT handing someone 15 jars of fresh cut crop and leaving for a week makes my stomach hurt and I have good friends.  Thanks all!