Hello all, got an issue with the tips of the leaves on some plants in veg. My younger plants are not having this issue so thinking it’s not environment. I did get some white flies in the room but most were on the smaller plants. I have treated all the plants in the room with neem oil one week and dish soap mixed with water the other week. I don’t think that has anything to do with the leaves curling but thought I would mention it. I ordered a cheap soil pH meter to check and it’s right at 7… not sure how accurate that is. Thought I was over watering at first and have started skipping water days and checking the soil. Here is some pictures of what’s going on…. I raised the lights, changed the speed of wall fans, just trying to eliminate possible problems. This happened in my last run as well… what are your thoughts…. ? Plants are ocean forest and feed once per week. Fox Farm trio, kelp, wholly mackerel, cal-mag, silica and Recharge.