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Hey DGC, love the show. Found y’all on YouTube and have been watching y’all every morning on my way to work for three months now.

I am a first time grower in Prohibition land. Growing White Widow crossed with Afghan fem autos in my closet (3”x3”) using a cheap 4” inline fan and carbon filter, a Samsung 1000 watt grow light from amazon. My environment is great. 76-80 degrees. Fresh air flow and 55-60% humidity. I’m using the fox farm trio and bush doctor cal-mag. And they seem to be loving it.

I’m in week 4 and everything seems to be going amazing except one of my girls new leaves started curling. I thought my lights may have been to close so I raised them up a little more to about 30” above the tops. I was trying to keep the lights close so they didn’t stretch too much I wanted to keep them short.  I just don’t know what it could be. Am I just freaking out over nothing??

Any input would be amazing.

Love you guys keep doing what you’re doing!