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Hey DGC,

I’ve been a member for a few months now, first time posting. I’m a new grower and have learned so much from the DGC, but still have a lot more to learn.

I’m currently growing in living soil in 7 gal fabric pots. Under qb288 4000k led dimmed so the canopy gets around 400 ppfd (according to hlg lux to ppfd calculator) Coots mix, with build a soil 12 seed cover crop, and around 50 red wigglers out of the worm bin that also brought predator mites to the party. I’ve top dressed with bokashi, frass valley insect frass, and malted barley. Used recharge once a week, microbe+ from bokashi earthworks once a week, and watered filtered tap water every 2-3 days. The plant in question is a random bag seed. The leaves started to curl downward. What does this look like to everyone? The other plant is also bag seed, but looks much healthier.

Thanks dgc!