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Hello DGC!

Hello from prohibition land, the Hot and humid South. Well, first harvest looms nigh- at day 75 of 80 day breeder estimate- trichomes are still clear. I have had the fantastic  article from about drying  and to that end I am keeping in mind I am applying tools I have to get best as I can. On budget.  Not expecting “Ideal”, trying to create good conditions that I can reasonably maintain for a couple of weeks at a time but with that in mind…I know I am not creating the wheel here and know some of you out there with multiple harvests under your belt in a variety of drying conditions might add some suggestions or tips that you know apply here. I know I don’t have squat figured out, just applying what I have gleaned from multiple articles in last few months.

No room in garden room to dry plus don’t want to add to electrical amperage of Garden as a whole. I’m fine and want to keep it that way- That said, couple of weeks at a time for drying so I figure I can clear out half the closet in my bedroom. Almost nothing in there electrically so a free and open 15 amp circuit to play with less ceiling fan and my few items at bedside. I lined a part of the closet with exterior foam insulation- most of one half the space. The foam sealed part is 2′ X 6′ X 6′. Inside sealed part is 4″AC fan with T controller and 24″ filter set to “ON” @ 2 setting to remove any expelling moisture from plant. It exhausts out of sealed part to far side of closet space and out-

I wheel a Gree 8K BTU portable AC up to closet door I have rigged with bit of foam to fit it and a small drape over the top of unit where control panel is and temp sensor behind it. Cold air exits front of unit into closet- pictured you see the vents on side of unit that is intake. The exhaust I have fixed 20′ of duct to move it out to living room under barely cracked open window. The exhaust air strength exiting at 20′ can blow out birthday candles at 3′.  I have run a couple of 12-16 hour tests and have the closet pretty well maintaining 61 via sensors with the AC unit set to 64-

I have a small humidifier with humidistat control. It can fit in the closet no problem. I have a large 45 pt. Dehumidifier that I can run outside of the closet near the door. I plan to set both at 60%-For those that have done it before- Am I missing the way to apply something here?  Interpreting the temp/humidity concepts correctly? Only doing a couple of plants at a time, for context-