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Hey guys. Love the show.
Just wanted to show my current grow. Veg and flower room.
Currently running a large variety to see how they grow. Currently in veg GSC, wedding cake, astroboy, cheese, lemon cheese, chocolate mint og, Pineapple Express. Auto flowers strawberry cough in DWC. And strawberry cheesecake in organic soil mix.

Flower room currently running GSC. Blue dream. gelato. astroboy. Lemon haze. Alaskan purple. Cinderella 99. White widow. Black kush.
And just started renovations on my basement to add 6 new “flex chambers” (thanks for the idea Vader OG)

I’m allowed 35 plants total at the moment. Completely fell in love with growing.
My question is now that I have some decent genetics and the space.  I’m looking a making my own seeds.  For personal use and for entertainment. Would you recommend using female pollen only or  a male plant to pollinate. I have both male seeds and colloidal silver. Just curious which would be best for extra seeds. Currently leaning towards female pollen.
cheers from Calgary AB