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What up DGC, shout out from the UK. Normally this would be me posting an update on my grow letting you see my girls how they grow and mature and turned into beautiful ladies however this time round I’m posting you on how I am just sick of my situation I have lost count on how many grows I have had to throw away because I’m a renter I don’t own my property I rent from a housing association which is wonderful I have a home. But so stressful and demoralizing when every now and then you will get a letter saying they want in. Granted its there place they need to inspect to do gas safety checks and once in a blue moon upgrade the property. We’ll that’s all well and good but when you have a bunch of girls your trying to grow for medicine and you get 1 of those letters and you have to chop them down and go back to the streets to buy some it just pisses me off and wears me down. Especially this time round because this time I spent a fortune upgrading my grow room. Brand New tent, brand new equipment, brand new L.E.D and to be honest it’s not the tent or equipment its more the light. I have grown with hps for years honing my skills learning through you guys. And I shit you not too me this was by far my best grow ever to date. No doubt massively due to this awesome lightIv grown autos and photos however because of my situation the past few years I have just been doing autos, but this time round with my new light I thought it has to be photos get some big ass ladies in there and reap the rewards with potential massive yields a few months down the line compared to what i get from autos. Well this round I popped 6 feminized zkittlez I got as bonus seeds from an online purchase. I vegged them for 7 weeks flipped them and they were in flower for 2 weeks I just spent the previous night stripping them giving general maintenance on the girls with a nice feed to Finnish. Next day I wake up to 1 of those letters we spoke of earlier and my heart has just sank. I have lost how many times I have had to through away grows. But I took a snap before I had to chop them down for the crew to see what it is I’m losing here. I must be honest i did just sit for  hours staring at them thinking not again look how well these are they are the best I have ever done the money I have spent,  the time the love and care I have put into these babies. For these bastards to piss on my parade again and spoil everything. Anyways I’m ranting sorry for the the long message if you lasted this long I wanted to post a video however I don’t think we can so I’ll just drop some picks of what it is I’m losing.  Could really use a cuddle DGC haha love you all wish I wasn’t passing through with bad news on my part hope all are well stay lifted its your boy SONofTHC flying the flag out here in UK trying to keep it together hopefully we legalize sooner rather than later as this is just a nuisance for me to keep going through. Not to mention  constant added unnecessary expenses im trying to grow it not buy it… anyways sorry again for going on i just have NOBODY to talk 2 or share this with your my grow family…Much love stay lifted for me  ❤️ 👊😗👌💨💚