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Next year’s garden I will be planting in rows. The rows of plants will be 3’Wx150’Lx20″H. Between each of those raised beds will be matching rows in height and length but 2′ wide for rows of autoflowers. 1′ between every row. This way I can best utilize the entire space I have to work with, throughout the entire season. By the time the autos get harvested (July), the normal plants will be just starting to grow horizontally to that area the autos were, but until then I can use that space to grow rows of autodank for a nice midseason harvest.

In the construction of the raised beds I have an idea I’ve been working with. I would like to build sturdy empty box frames and use a hemp based canvas material or some sort of strong durable material like a radical bag that I can just roll out and nail onto my frame to be used as the walls for my raised beds. I want to stay away from cheap fabrics or another material that may not at least last a full season. I don’t mind the idea of nailing on new material right over the old material, so I don’t need to take the soil out to replace the material, thus defeating the purpose of building the no till living soil I will be building.

I’d like to utilize the added benefits of all that extra oxygen in my soil. A lot of the benefits of radical bags but in a commercial setting.

That’s the end of the question. Other details of next year’s plans are as follows: Logan labs Mehlich 3 soil test to determine appropriate amounts of soil amendments, which will be purchased from BuildASoil. Normal plants 5 foot spacing on rows, autos on 2 foot spacing on rows. Genetics from Pevgrow, Mephisto, and Irie. And most importantly recharge all the way with Mammoth p. Blumat watering system for irrigation.

See you at the Emerald Cup!

Much love,