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What’s up dgc?

Does this qualify as a dank nug? Lol

I have only ever grown cannabis up until last year and this year is the first I have tried growing tomatoes.

This is my very first tomato, started from seed.

Strain: German johnson

Grown under the sun in the elements

Grown in a 5gl hempy bucket. Coco ewc biochar mix

Used canna coco line at a very diluted rate, whatever was left over from my secret garden was watered down and given to the German johnson.

Of course a lot of recharge was uses as well as mammoth p and a bunch of other organic additives from grow more.

Pink skin, about 2# in weight and a very sweet tasting, nutrient dense taste.

Shown next to a lighter to show the size of this beast. We’ll call it a ‘babies head’

Thanks to the show and crew I now have more interest in growing more than just cannabis.

Peace! And stay stoned