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Almost time to cut the cheese!!!

What's up ,Dude , Scotty, Guru and crew!!! Just wanted to thank all of yall and the rest of the community for all the Grow knowledge yall share , that less fortunate folks such as myself, down here in prohibition land don't have privy to. anyways just wanted to show...

72 hrs of blue & white spectrum only b4 CHOP 🙂

New grower this is my 3 run. Growing in Botanicare aeration coco - 15 gallon pots - Botanicare nutrients - Recharge " now a believer!" - SLF-100 & a organic tea concoction day once a week. My question is: What do you know about running your lights in only white...

Frosty Nugs

This is the beginning of week 5 super excited. My zombie kush and toxic by ripper seeds are doing amazing. I am growing them under 1000 watt dual arc bulb 400 watts mh and 600 watts hps and I am using the full line of humboldt county's own nutrients and the soil is...

Harvest Second Run of Perpetual Harvest

Today I harvested two of my plants blue dream from Bulldog Seeds. It was interesting to see the difference between my first harvest using nutrients and this harvest using living soil, microbes, & extra love. Making some full melt bubble hash tomorrow thanks to the...

Sour zkittlez

This is my Sour zkittlez I've been running a few years now and the taste on her is ridiculously good! Running in an 8x8 next to my headband X huckleberry girls(I submitted a post about them before this post), under hps, cmh, regular mh, and LED for an all over the...

Headband X Huckleberry

This is a headband X Oregon's huckleberry I've been running about 2 years now.  Has a VERY earthy taste with a grape/berry aftertaste. This girl never ceases to amaze me and just packs on the trichs! I run an 8x8 for my main flowering room and use amended soil I make...

Poison Papaya

some dank genetics i made for good outdoor Canadian growing . i have worked on this for my self for the last 6 years . it is durban poison x purple papaya done early September there is  three different variations pop out of ten seeds stable genetics . vary mold...

Live Rosin Hash

Here is some live hash rosin I made to smoke . organic notill grown with knf inputs. dry ice hash extraction live plants fresh frozen pressed into rosin . can't afford a freeze dryer or i would make bubble hash . so dry ice is the poor mans answer here for fresh...


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