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Pineapple Wine (Cactus Cooler x Arise)

Hey DGC here’s a shot of Pineapple Wine bred by Irie Genetics grown by me. The smell is fruity, someone’s stinky ass feet and an empty champagne bottle 🤷‍♂️ She induces munchies like no other. Huge yielder and has a classic look to her.  Love growing...

It’s a sad day…

...when you get to the last of your homegrown. This is my final nug of Ltd Edition Cheese, which was part of my first ever harvest. This strain was super pungent and would stink up the room when I opened the jars. The high was uplifting and creative, but finished nice...

Rock Creek Cherry

Rock Creek Cherry (Wild Cherry Cookies x Seattle Soda) bred by 720 Genetics and grown by ME. Soil grown indoors under HPS 1k w/ synthetic nutes

Christmas Harvest

Whats up dude, scotty, guru and the rest of the DGC family. Just thought id share some christmas bud porn. Short and sweet these girls are on day 51 and will be harvested over the next few weeks. Merry Christmas to me. Starting from the top is DNA genetics strawberry...

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee by LED Seedz at day 58 flowering. Grown in a no-till organic bed using coconut water, barley sprout tea, kelp, neem, fulvic, aloe, yucca, and...


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