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Banana Hammock

Banana Hammock R1, from Ethos Genetics. Grown in 5 gallons of soil under an sk402 and switched to a Black Dog Phytomax2 400 watt for the last 3 weeks to give some uv and IR. Nutrients used were new mill and supplemented with some compost teas. Revegged this plant cause of the amazing aroma and flavor. I am going to run another 3 from seed this next round.

Mephisto Ghost Toof autoflower

Showing off my ghost toof auto by mephisto genetics grown in a half gallon fabric pot under an hlg100v2 in happyfrog and promix. For nutrition I used water and microbes (recharge mammoth p and photo plus) only up to flower and fed massive for flip them biocanna flora...

New Chemdog

Just drying up now ready for a cure. Chemdog (HSO) taken down at 68 days under HPS600DE and a blurple under light. One of my bigger yielders for a first run. Very gassy and lemony profile. Looking forward to the cure.

Greenhouse Sour Diesel

Hi guys. Love the show it's both educational and entertaining. I recently watched an episode where Scotty and Duke Diamond where sampling the nugs. Thought maybe Scotty would appreciate this purple sour diesel. She is almost 9 weeks of flowering. Started indoors under...

Chem D x Banana Kush nugs…

Here are a few sample nugs from my harvest last week.  These have only been in the jar for two days, so they have quite awhile before they're ready.  Bred by Useful Seeds.  She went 65 days total and yielded 6.4 oz dry on the one plant.  Gonna run four of them next...

Gorilla Zkittlez

Harvested my gorilla zkittlez the other day. Grown in 7 gal fabric pot with Coco using NPK Industries nutrients. Plant went 12 weeks in flower due to a reveg around week 3 and 4 of flower. Buds swelled up nicely around week 8-10 and then finishing with a clean fade...


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