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Super Auto

this is a copacabana superauto from flash seeds. She’s gonna yield heavy. Her floral fragrance is out of this...

My Northern Lights

my second indoor grow ... I grew  these girls in a small tent   2x4x6,   in coco coir 70/30 mix  with  clay pellets at the bottom for drainage and  an air stone and  general hydroponics  nutrients complete flora set and cfl lighting 12/12 schedule...  the buds weren't...

My First Grow A Couple Years Ago

White Widow on the right, OG Kush on the left. Got 10.6 oz of dried and manicured bud off the OG Kush. 8.6 oz off the White Widow All organic, 10 gallon fabric pots, my own DIY Clackamas Coots soil recipe, I did however use bottled nutrients this first grow, Nectar...

Hiydrow CBD Strain

From last grow, another Hiydrow. 2:1  of 16% CBD and 8% THC It is a cross between Girl scout cookies (OG Kush X Durban Poison) and Candida (ACDC X Harlequin) Bud is 22" tall and as wide as  palm of your hand. Very sticky, great mellow 1970s type high, but most...

Alien Tarantula Thoughts

Ok first alien tarantula looks like much more a hybrid than I thought so just throwing it out there might be a pheno thing. She was quirky, I think this strain is best handled hydroponically and I’m a soil guy. Wanted no K, then more than my soil could give kind of...

Hiydrow CBD Strain

This is my favorite strain the past year. Hiydrow, which is 16% CBD and 8% THC with a really nice terpene profile. Grown 100% organic no-till watering with only Aloe vera, Coconut water, aminos, and a pinch of silica and the occasional sprouted seed...

Cookie Crumble Week Nine Of Flower

This is the very exclusive small batch breeding that has yielded a real stunner. Taste so strong OG glue and gas with s hint of earthy Funk!! Grown using Recharge MammothP in Fox Farm Soil!!

Pine og X Unknown Week 7 flower

This accidental cross has turned out great! Buds have a little foxtailing all around the plant, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing fox farm nutes, terpinator  and molasses was all that was used in pro mix soil 3 gallon poly...


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