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Recharged Master kush

What's up crew. Just wanted to share the latest coming out of the farm. This is my 3rd time growing this girl and I think I finally figured out what she wants me to do. She is a master kush that came from a friend who popped a 10 pack and only had 2 seeds take and got...

NorthEast BEAST!

What’s up Scotty, Dude, and Guru. Love the show! Thank you for making my days in the car more enjoyable. Wanted to share a couple of my bigger outdoor plants.

Liberty Haze

600w hps, week 5. Medium is 1/2 local potting mix, 1/2 compost with seaweed emulsion every 2 weeks and worm castings top-dressed...

Lemon Jeffery

This is Lemon Jeffery (Lemon Skunk X Golden Goat) from Irie Genetics, Grown and Photo’d by Rasta Jeff.

Early Sour D

Hi Guys , my Sour D's all flowered early and came down Sept.7 . They were all fed with General Organics plus Mamoth P. By the way, I'm in Southern Ontario. They were planted May 24 after being cloned on the first of...


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