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Crockett Tangie

This was grown under spectrum king cc100's. Veg time was 8 weeks, harvest was at 69 days. Soil Mix was FFOF, FFLW, Pumice and castings. Nutes were Fox Farm base 3 part as well as Recharge, Tribus and Mammoth p at various stages of growth. Also got 2 worm teas in veg...

Fresh Frozen & Dry Ice vs Bubble

what up G’s! Thanks for playing my fall of prohibition report! My question today involves home extraction and whether or not to freeze dry part of my harvest of ethos strains Citral Glue, Gorilla Glue and forum cut cookies... I use “tupur” coco in 3 gal smart pots...

Citrus Farmer and French Roast Rosin

I finally built a rosin press and have been gettin my squish on! I'm working on a more detailed article about my new press, but I thought the crew might enjoy a little sneek peek.  If you have any questions about rosin or building a press, please add them to the...

Headband X C99

Headband X C99 grown in promix and topped with roots organic dry amendments Bi-weekly teas with mammoth p, recharge,KIS Organics Microbe Catalyst. Flushed with winter...

Brass Tacks and Grimmdog day 52

First three pics are Grimmdog from Brothers Grimm the second two are Brass Tacks from Cannarado genetics. This was my first grow in a 3x3x6 tent under 320w GoGrow led using Fox Farm ocean grown and nutrients in 5 gallon fabric pots. Grimmdog Brass Tacks...

Juicy Fruit Day 52

Grown in a 4x2 tent with a 400w hps/mh. My own organic soil and megacrop nutes with recharge. Guarantee my Ash whiter and weed cleaner than anyone's. I'd love to try some biobizz though. Been growing for 20 yrs. Back in the late 90's if you said I'd be waking up and...

Gorilla Bomb Australian Winter

we had no space for this Gorilla bomb clone rather than throwing it out  we put it outside it was late autumn here in Australia and days are still sunny so it grew well , as we moved into winter it got colder and she  started changing colour I found this really...


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