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When life gives you water hash

Hey DGC, so I have been battling the heat. I don’t think I’ll be able to pull off a nice dry. Even with my ac pumping full blast and extra foam board. I'm Worried about mold and bad quality. So I have been tune in and a member since I found y’all this year on YouTube...

Critical Purple Auto (first auto, 2nd grow ever)

So here's my first ever Auto grow, 2nd grow of any kind of cannabis ever. It's a critical purple autoflower, ran for about 100 days from sprout to chop. I grew her in a 3 gal hempy, 3:1 perlite/vermiculite under a few HLG boards in custom built fixture. She did great...

First time at autos

Hey fellas, this is my First auto flower grow, and 2nd crop ever, strain is early miss by crop king seeds. 4x4 tent 5 gallon buckets, Holland secret nutrients, 2 75w cfls and a 1000w led. planted April 1st. Now 3 weeks from harvest. what do you think?

Durban Kush

Durban Kush [Durban Poison x (Chem D x OG Kush)] Feminized seed from Ethos Genetics.  Grown in 4 gallon fabric pot; Foxfarm Ocean Forest soil with added Growstones.  Various bottled nutes as needed, with Recharge and Mammoth P.  I run 2 different brands of LED lights...

Completed 1st grow, went good but plants hermied.

Hey guys, love the show thanks for the great content.

Since I live in Canada and Im an everyday smoker, I decided to get my 1st grow going. Last christmas got a Mammoth 4x4x6 tent. A 315w LEC boss commercial fixture with a phillips CMH lamp. Got an 4 inch inline fan and 4 7g pots with trainwreck strain in them.

Sorry for the long post but my question is, what would cause this to happen( sorry my dam question mark wont work on my keyboard haha) Ive read that major temp swings(which i had) and light leak at night(which i had from from the light on the heater) can cause a plant to hermie. I also only bought the $3 individual trainwreck seeds. Not the big name company ones. Thanks for any advice you can give.


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