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Ninja Fruit x Palpatine = Combo Punch!

Some combo punch grown by yours truly at frostgiantfarms in 7gal fabric pots using Michigan made compost tea by planet earth, mammoth p, and milk. Strong high and dankness from the sour diesel and a fruit overtone from the grapefruit haze and grape ape cross. I listen...

bag seed sativa

bag seed from a beautiful strain i bought last fall. 1 month in flower, 5 gal pot, ph perfect advanced nutrients,12-12 l ed lights 2 x 600 watt(ufo) in a 4×4 tent. so far so good.

Red Diesel

Hey DGC-Lord Blueberry here with a new strain I'm growing for the first time. It's Red Diesel from Barney's Farm. This is Day 60 of flower and I'm thinking she's a week away from harvest. Feed GO bottled organics with Recharge and Winter Frost. Buds are frosty and...

My first run of GG4 in a tent

I'm an outdoors grower and I grow in 2-25 gal pots (organically only) feed once a week Recharge and I only grow 2 plants per season, I usually get enough in two plants to last the family and I till the next growing season, WELL, I ran out for the first time in ten...

Headband X C99

Headband x C99 day 50 from Duke Diamonds vault, grown in the same setup as memberberry but grown under a hlg 600. I use a lot of the products you have recommended and have had nothing but success. I want to say thank you for helping me take my grow to the next level...

Unknown Strain No-Till Round 2

Unknown strain second cycle in Build-a-soil coots mix Top dressed with a mix of build-a-soil craft blend, Malibu compost, and fresh worm castings before clones went in, fresh water only after that till harvest via a 9" blumat maxi hooked to 4 drippers per 15 g pot...


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