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Hey there dudes I’m a huge fan of the show. I listen pretty much everyday at work while I work. Eight hours of listening time a day means I go though a fewwww episodes daily lol you guys have all taught me so much and I kinda justvwanted to say thank you.

I stared up a recently and like they say third times a charm. This is my third grow in a 3×3 closet with a Bestva 1500w DC led and I’ve been using the whole Humboldt secret line. Coco perlite mix in five gallon cloth pots. Temp is usually 75°- 78°  humidity usually 50%-55% sometimes alittle higher in the summer. I’m in Michigan by the way. I have a B-52 and a Lemon Kush going and they seem to be loving life. Stay lifted gentleman and give a big thank you to the whole dude grows team. You guys are awesome.

P.s. the first pic Is in the bloom light. Second pic is the B-52 and the the third pic is Lemon Kush.