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Hello from northern Michigan!!!! Hey Dude,Scotty and Guru and the rest of the behind the scenes DGC crew. I found  the show back in Dec 2018.  I generally would listen to the show during my morning garden routine.  I was new to growing since Michigan had just past the new recreational laws with the 12 plant count per household.  Being a lifelong user of cannabis I jumped in both feet you could say. I chose to go led due to the heat issues and being just a small 4×4 tent.  I was not informed On leds  at the time tho and had purchased a blurple on off Amazon.  After a few weeks into growing I’ve done much more research into growing.  Also found your show in the endless YouTube grow vids I was watching. Although I was getting results with this said blurple I knew I could do much better with a higher quality led.  I listen to what you say about the HLG 550’s and knew that was for me although it wasn’t in the budget at the time.  I choose the 260w diy HLG kit.  It was late in the grow (week5F) when it was added. The last four weeks the buds swelled.  Ended up cropping 9.5 oz on my first grow with 7 plants.  Yes…Recharge was added to the regimen late Dec.  👍.

Over the coarse of the following year I’ve since became a Patreon. Upgraded to three running tents 1-4×8 flower lit with 1 HLG 600h Rspec 1 HLG 260 v2 and 1 270w Growmau5 v3 r pucks ,1 3×3 with 1 hlg 260 v2 and 1 4×2 with an Optic 1 led growing in coco using Nectar for the Gods nutes.  Thanks to the help from you and the guys the Mrs and I are killing it!!!