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Soil: my own mixture of happy frog, ocean Forrest, worm castings, perlite, and elements of canna coco to help with drainage.

pot size: 2 gallon fabric pot

Feed: didn’t feed her much honestly went with the less is more approach, some clone x Seedling solution at first (10ml’s per liter) then eventually switched to gh 3 part and that was only required about once every 3 weeks and never went heavier that 2.5 ml’s of each part, did utilize the Bloom a little more towards the end of her life cycle, I mostly relied on recharge and plantation black strap molasses that I would Bloom for 24 hours with the airstone while I was removing the chlorine from my tap water (the molasses the recharge was added right before feed)… however I did use half strength flower fuel Bloom booster 3 times (guru what’s your opinion on this product?)

Flush: 2 weeks prior to harvest I ran an ice water Flush with twice the volume of the pot, week before harvest I ran her in the tub with a slow steady stream until the water that was running out of the saucer ran clear, and 3 days before chop I used 2 teaspoons of florakleen in a gallon of water to help remove any remaining salt and help with senescence (1st time using did help to tighten up my nugs)

She has an amazing smell and the taste is a nice blend of citrus and fruit with a hint of licorice on the back end, final dry weight was only 29 grams but quality nugget top to bottom and she was only 66 days going from popping from soil to chop!

This impressive exotic lady boasts a thc potency of 23%!