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Good Morning DGC… I’ve been a member for a month or two now. Absolutely love the show guys!

I’ve had my grow running since late June inside (basement). They are 3x unknown seed’s I’ve had in my “seed stash”. They are growing under some “Nice” Blurple’s. I’ve reached the harvest stage where there’s a majority of milky trichomes and very little amber show. I noticed this 2 days after I fed all 3 plants RO Water pH’d to 6.5.

My question is — Since I’ve recently watered, will this cause issues during the Dark period? Additionally will there be any issues during drying and/or Curing down the road?

I plan on drying for 5 days, then trimming the larger leaves off; then drying for an additional 5 days. Once that’s complete I’ll be curing in large mason jars using 62% Boveda packets stored in a cool dark place.

Thanks again guys! Keep up the great work!