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What is up DGC. First, I’m a huge fan, great show and amazing community!
I am getting ready to chop 3 plants in the next day or two.  I have heard a lot about putting your ladies in pure darkness for 24-48 hours prior to chop to increase cannabinoid production.  I am assuming the increase is due to a stress response? I’d like to set my plants in my garage for about 24-48 hours, but the thing is, my garage is like 35*F.  Usually I would avoid such temps of course but wondering if the additional stress from cold temps during this dark period would have any effects? I am willing to experiment but don’t want to trash my buds- anyone know if this will eff me up for sure, or had any success with the cold temps.

part 2- cold drying? Any chance I can hang and dry bud in such cold temps? Like upper 30’s?  I had some bottom branches from my outdoor that I accidentally forgot and let hang in my barn this year for like 3 weeks in the mid 40’s and they were straight up amazing.  Again, I am tempted to experiment but losing a harvest would hurt.

ps- I know I just need to set up a good drying area, but prohibition is a real mother fucker and space is limited.  Much love y’all