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Hi guys🙋‍♂‍️, my name is aaron and have been following for some time now and as always uu guys do an awesome job at educating and sharing ur grow experience’s with the newbies and vets of cannabis growing and we thank you.👍 my question is on a bit a serious note and revolves around the understanding and proper application of an IPM. being that i work in the industry as a grow tech here in Colorado, I came into the biz with tons of knowledge and experience through commercial green house and a few local ma’ and pa’ type of nurseries gave me a fairly extensive hands-on work with ipm. m currently employed at a commercial facility that has its fair share of issues, the biggest issue is improper application of IPM and over all plants health and plant management. I have tried to work with the facility manager to try and educate and correct our issues IPM but its in one ear and out the other. In fact he still has us using dawn dish soap as a treatment for a  mite infestation we’ve had since before my employment with this facility. We have ignored our responsibility of actual plant work such as health and care for moms to proper cloning to defoliation and removal of larf or ‘lower junk’ below the canopy, the list goes on and on yet I’m treated like an entry level grow tech when i give suggestions or try to correct poor use of an IPM. I posted a few frosty white, pm covered example of what I deal with daily (two others are new clones covered with mites and in structed to use dawn as a pesticide application and treatment) and at a lost as to how to address this issue with someone who simply ignores what’s best for our plants. Thank you again for ur time and happy growing guys 🙋‍♂‍️.