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Hey guys. I’m hoping for a miracle here i am running out of time before it’s you get what ya get time. 3 weeks in and I was sure I had it pinned as a manganese deficiency since I hadn’t been feeding micros and it even says on the b.a.s. site that most of their mixes are high in iron and low on manganese. so I hit em with big 6 micros last week and a aerated tea a cpl days later of kelp a tiny bit of fish hydrolysate molasses and a little craft blend. little meaning like a couple tablespoons of craft and a tsp of molasses and fish hydro. doesn’t seem to be working all that well or I just need to be more patient. I’m pheno hunting so I know that 5 gallons are too small for these plants and I wont make the mistake again. vpd ranges from 1.3 to 1.8 during the day. watered with blumats and tensionometer reads 110 across the board. 9 plants 3 strains. some are completely fine others are not so bad and some are hard to look at. 4×8 with 2 hlg 650 running at 75% canopy getting around 7 to 800 ppfd. bottoms are green all this is occurring up top but cant find any immobile elements that seem to match. anyways any help would be awesome I know this run is not ideal I’m just looking for ways to salvage it. here’s some pics.