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Hello to the DGC. Joined not long ago. Thanks for all the work you guys do!

Im enjoying my first legal crop in Halifax, Nova Scotia CA, enjoying the fall of prohibition here. I’m a little more familiar with outdoor growing but seem to be figuring out the indoor.

Growing Tangerine cookies and thin mint girl scout cookies by Elev8 seeds

Running 600w HPS. Sensi A and B, Bio boost, Reno kelp. Some recharge on the way it should get here in time for a couple doses! Probably last run on salts and will be going organic next run

This will be the last grow under the HPS. Just ordered  the rapid led chilled4x4. Went with ask for forgiveness instead of of asking the wife first..it’s an investment right? It was the cold medicine that made me order it!

while I appreciate 4 plants being legal I wish they put some real thought into it. So to grow 4 plants from seed I have to break the law for awhile trying to sex 8-10 plants. They don’t sell clones here in my province and they claim I am supposed to only buy seed from the government store which only has 2 strains non fem.  ya right

I know this is for dank nugs but I’ll add a little extra info.  Only liquor stores sell legal Cannabis here in Nova Scotia.  Solvent extracts illegal. Edibles still illegal for now. I went to a store and asked for their best shit and 15% $13 gram bone dry crumbs was all they had. Even with all the “illegal” dispensaries around they can’t keep any stock.