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My plants in the 5×5 are now day 51, and the frost is coming on nicely. I haven’t checked trichome heads for color change just yet, will do around day 63 considering I’ve ran all these strains before and they are clones. There are 14 plants in this tent with 2 viparspectra 400’s (1 with veg and bloom and the other only bloom, the veg stopped working about a year and a half after using daily), 1 HLG 100 and 1 Rapid Led 100w Logic Puck v1. FFOF soil, Blue Planet nutes, and pH 6.5. Strains are Cherry Mint Zkittlez by Riot Seed Co, and Pink Lemonade by Humboldt See Co. which are the only strains by a breeder, the following are all “bag seed:” GDP, Pre-98 Bubba, Gorilla Glue, and Cherry Pie.