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Hello DGC…

First off gotta say I haven’t Missed a single YouTube Video of your guys Show since i became a DGC Member, You guys do a Amazing job great Content and very informative keep up the great work..

My question is  I’m a journeyman grower who is looking into buying good reputable feminized seeds.. to start a New Harvest as I mentioned earlier I didn’t have very good luck with my last attempted grow (She) turned out to be a (He)…

I’ve looked up some companies outside of the United States and found nothing but bad reviews and claims of the department of customs seizing shipments and companies not answering emails back and stonewalling customers so to avoid all this I am looking for some reputable good feminized seeds Dealer that sell in the United States with that being said I’m also looking for the company that might be open-minded and able to send seeds discreetly to a prohibition state.?.?.   If you have any inside tips or advice you could throw my way it would be much appreciated…  thanks Again Fellas..

#DudeJustWantsToGrow                    #NeedAlittleHelpFromMyFriends