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What’s up, DGC?

I’m following the captains recipe to make some canna butter. I normally make a single batch (28g rather than the 7g his recipe calls for), in a large Pyrex container. However, now I want to make a double batch using two Pyrex casserole dishes in the same oven. Captains recipe calls for 215° for 30 minutes.

However, I also know that when my wife bakes a double batch of brownies or cookies, she needs to adjust her time to let the oven cook longer to account for the extra mass that needs to be heated. It’s got me thinking maybe I should run it for 40 minutes, to account for the extra mass.

I know that there are graphs on the Internet that show some negative degradation of cannabinoids if you decarb for longer than 30 minutes. I don’t think this is a huge concern, since I’m at such a low temperature, but I want to keep as many terpenes as I possibly can. Should I adjust my Decarb time? How would I even figure the correct time out? Each Pyrex has an ounce finely chopped. Can I use math to figure out how long I need to heat that amount of mass, so that the bud fully decarbs?

Thanks as always,

Smokable Johnson