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Hey there DGC long time watcher first time commenter. My question is how should I upgrade my main tent? I’m based in London UK prohibition land, my set up currently is a 600W air cooled HPS in a (W 1.6f )x (L 3f) x (H 5 F) or cm (W 50cm) x (L 90cm) x (H 160cm) tent. Its a stealth grow so space is pretty limited. Im having heat problems in the warmer months forcing me to run at 250w-400w, so I have decided to upgrade my main set up but I can’t decide which one would be better for me.

My options are budget wise switch to LED, specifically a MiGro Aray 4 (link at bottom of the page)  or purchase a 8000 BTU portable AC and keep using HPS. Budget limiting I can only afford one or the other.

PS I attached some photos of my last harvest Zkittlez and Black berry Moonrocks for something to look at. would not have been able to do it with out DGC.

Many thanks and long live DGC

Peace  The Dank of England.

Led link