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Had this thought and it’s coming off of your previous show 935/936 talking about humans and natural and plastics, something Scotty was talking about. what if cars, plastic, rubber, concrete all the things that are man-made in the bigger scheme of things is natural it’s a byproduct of our role in the ecosystem even though it may be inorganic synthetic things they’re really natural….just a deep thought.

I had another thought and after watching your most recent show about the funding crisis…. what if Scotty had his own “deep thought culture” section…. 5 minutes of him just whipping up deep thoughts he had all day… He usually sprinkles them into the show and I know there’s been comments about him interrupting Dude and all but it’d be pretty cool for him to have his own little segment in the show or even one with Guru. The benefit of that is that maybe instead of having subscribers pay for the show they can pay for access to that knowledge and in return they would get free things like seeds or something…. I’m not sure why PayPal would hold up your account and be a dick but if it’s because of the weed paraphernalia then at least now you’re only getting paid for talking to people. Just a thought…

Don’t let PayPal cut you at the roots just treat this like they’re topping your show and allowing you to be stronger budz.

Keep on keeping on.

Kief Durban