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My dudes! Super pumped to be apart of this community! My question is, i just put a chunk of change into running my plants outdoor this year. I live in Oregon so its almost time for them to go out. I have all my soil and nutes, but my big issue is my backyard is backed up to foresty area and deer like to frequent my yard. I chase them off when. I see them, but how would you go about fencing an area probably 10x 10 with a way to get in for watering? Also curious what yall use for water reservoirs to mix nutes and water before feeding. I might just use 5 gal buckets but i’m gonna be mixing all morning! Haha. Thanks home dogs enjoy your week! Here’s a pic of where i’m growing and some pics of my main babies that are going out soon! Gelato #25 x dosido from archive!