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Mephisto genetics for the win. WOW!
Had to post these beautiful pics I took before chopping down deez nugs.
(Strawberry Nuggets x Orange Diesel) by Mephisto genetics.
They are now hanging up to dry and smelling killer.
Can’t wait for the trim and cure so I can sample the final product.

These were grown indoor in a 3×3 closet space with:

– Rapid LED / Growmau5 logic pucks
– Coco / Perlite mix in 5 Gal. fabric pots
– Canna coco line
– Recharge
– Mammoth P
– Green Sensation
– Grow More Avalanche
(just got some radicle bags for next run, excited to try them out.)

*Most importantly, my secret ingredient was all the great info from Dude, Scotty, Guru and the DGC crew. If you are not already a member, just take a look at these dank nugs and ask yourself would you rather spend $10 / mo. investing into  growing these yourself or getting a half gram of hay at a dispensary.