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What’s happening DGC growmies? Wanted to share some of the better pictures I got on this last run. This one was a joy. I grew it in a mix of 40% coco, 40% peat and 20% perlite with Green Leaf MegaCrop 1 part, Green Leaf sweet candy, and of course the G.O.A.T  Real Growers Recharge. She grew in a 3 gallon radicle bag,  under an HLG 225 in my 3×3 tent. She transplanted well with no slow downs and trained up real nice. It yielded great and produced nice fat dense nugs that smelled like purple chalky candy and actual gasoline. I don’t know fellas I might be an autoflower only guy now. It’s all just about finding the right breeder I think and you guys pointed me in the right direction with your Get to Know Gas Reaper video. Thank you team.