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Hey guys its the first time growing this strain and as we all know some strains require special attention in different stages of growth. My test tent is a 5×5 Gorilla Grow with a HLG 600 v2 RSec and a AC Infinity inline control module fan. I’m running temps at 75 f and RH of 55. I noticed that some top leaves are showing multiple types of deficiencies. One being cal or mag or both and the other being phosphorus. However, i was always led to believe phosphorus and cal mag deficiencies where mobile and start from the bottom up but this is only on maybe a dozen leaves topside. My light is roughly 12 – 18 inches from the top most cola. I have included my feed chart with ppm 500 scale readings. this is the ends of week 4 and with reset soon. secondly how long do you think i have left? love peace and canna grease! Butters