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Hoping you can help!

This looks to be a nitrogen deficiency but I’m not 100% sure. Growing in coco, perlite and earthworm castings. Using Grow Dots and Recharge plus adding cal/mag to distilled water at pH 6.2. Room temp 78 degrees lights on and 69 degrees lights off. Humidity sits steady at 62%. This girl is on day 11 from transplanting into 5 gallon grow bag.

Yesterday morning I noticed a bit of leaf cupping and a few brown spots on older lower leaves. Those were probably caused by a bit of over watering on my part. Also noticed darker leaf veins and tips turning yellow. Lights are Mars Hydro FC-8000 which are about 14 inches from the canopy and set at 50% intensity. If this is a nitrogen deficiency, should I add more Grow Dots? I did follow the directions and used the right amount when I transplanted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!