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Hey y’all, I’m on my first grow. Went over zealous and I’m growing 20 white widow autos, 4 gold leaf photos and 4 blue dream photos. I’m using coco with advanced nutrients trio plus voodoo, b52, and Recharge. I’m on day 11 and been feeding every 2-3 days. I’ve been watering at 6.5 pH and around 1500-1900 ppm on my run off. I think I have my possible problems narrowed down to iron deficiency and maybe nitrogen then I have a few spots on some that looks like a manganese issue. I honestly don’t know if I’m having lock out from certain things and too much of other nutes. Mainly the autos have gotten a yellowing between veins in the leafs and some burn on the tips. The blue dream photos are all good and the gold leafs are looking good except for  some leafs toward the base which experienced some harsh burn or possibly the plant eating itself. I’ve watered the autos about half strength but still worried it may be too much. Please give me any pointers to get this sorted out! I have a few autos that are hearty and looking great then others that aren’t getting tall at all and are practically laying on top of the coco but are filling out decently. First two pics are examples of the leafs then the third is how squat some plants are and the last is an issue I’m having with a few of the fabric pots that look like molding but I was hoping it’s just some mycorrhizae growing thru the pot.