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Hey brothers and Sisters of the DGC! Here is the spec “real quick” ;]

tent = 2.5 x 2.5 feet

humidity set to 55% with a 5% swing

temp set 77 f

genetics: royal queen seeds gorilla glue auto.

light: invisible sun LED QB LM301h 320W 3500k

full canna line nutes

Feeding when required by pot weight, got 3 girls in 5 gal fabric pots. Canna coco grow medium with 20% perlite. Last feed was the hottest feed at 900ppm, pH regulated 5.7-6.0.

day 55 from seed

As you can see im getting super yellow undergrowth i just thought it was an NPK deficiency which is why my last feed was 900ppm when its normally about 600-800ppm just to try to get some green into the plant, its been 24 hours since that feed and not getting better, leaves are developing black spots also.

plz send help.

cheers dudes