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Hey Dude, Scotty, Guru and the rest of the DGC team. Wanna start off by saying your show is what pushed me to start growing so thank you. Now that the gushy sh*t is out of the way, I need help guys.  About a month in from seed (Inhouse genetics – 3 black cherry gorilla and 2 Inhouse Lemonsickles) The black cherries are staring to show signs of what I think is either a lock out or deficiency. Not having too many grow buddies as I’m in a new city, I’m turning to the DGC Fam as I’m being spun around in circles looking on the internet just getting confused. I’m a new grower with only 2 harvest under my belt. Growing organically in peat, amended with Gaia Green 4-4-4, little bit of alfalfa and Recharge (lovin the Recharge!). Temps ranging around the mid 20’s (yes I’m in the great white north) and humidity 50-60 %ish. Noticed some yellow/ brown blotching on the lower leaves I first thought was recharge stains/burns but noticed the problem getting worse and then appearing on the next tear of leaves, there’s also some slight curling of the leaves. Could this be magnesium deficiency or is it being locked out possibly? Soil pH was around 7.5 which might be the issue?? Posted some pictures. But there’s also another plant with some interveinal chlorosis. I’m just gonna give them RO water for now. Any info will help, I need this weed for the apocalypse.

Thanks guys, keep the content coming.

The Shabbs