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Whats up Dudes?! So my no.3 pheno is still sick as well as my “not so” good ol’ bag seed. I thought it was wind burn but after a week of it being moved and fans adjusted new growth still light green, thin spindly, curling under and the some older growth quick to dry with a few tiny brown spots. Ive been scoping with a 60 x regularly and found no bugs so Im guessing its something nutrient wise. Bag seed may be a male but is short, light green, has one weird looking mosaic leaf which being heavily medicated instantly freaked me out thinking if this POS bag seed just poisoned my 1st grow with TMV its goin in the Gdamn fire pit! I hope its just a CalMag issue or something simple. My no.1 and 2 are same strain still doing awesome and have been getting the same treatment. Plan on switching to flower in a week and need to get this figured out ASAP running out of tent space. First 2 pics are no.1 pheno and pic 3 is bag seed, pic 4 is overall garden. Much love and thanks peace growers!

  • They don’t get anything other than the below
  • Soil Fox Farm OF amended w/ EWC, Compost, Perlite, and 3-9-9 slow release
  • Temps.- 75-85  RH- 40-50 (Was 55-65 Lowered in prep for flower)
  • Water w/ RECHARGE and Compost Tea(occasionally) only pH is 6.0-7.0 H20 Temp- Low 70s
  • Light HLG 260w 3500K 2ft above canopy, plenty of airflow
  • IPM Neem, Optic F. OG, Green Cleaner
  • Plan to order BAS top dress kit and some Agsil 16h for flower