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Hello Dude, Scotty,  guru, and the DGC. I need some help again guys. So I have this burning going on one of my plants quite bad and I’m kind of thinking it may be phosphorus deficiency. I am using advanced nutrients. Sorry Scotty!! I used the connoisseur line along with big bud everything else but my ppm is only around 720.  I only use about 75% strength on the A&B but everything else at full strength. But if it isn’t a deficiency I don’t want to hit it with even higher ppm and burn the shit out of it! It started more on one side towards the top of the plant and has slowly worked its way to the outside of the tent. I’m in a 4 x 8 tent with 2 hlg 550s so that is my other thought is my lights are a bit too close.  I’m in #5 smart pots with pro mix. I pH between 5.7-6.1. But I hear some people say that’s too low of a pH. But with promix using advanced I wanna treat it like hydro right? I also use Recharge and Mammoth P. I’ve cut off the Recharge about a week ago. I just started week 5 yesterday. So any advice is greatly appreciate!! Don’t wanna burn my ladies!! The one that’s got it worse is primal punch. My Vader OG is also kinda doing it as well, just not as bad. Thank u so much DGC!! I will b getting my membership soon. Waiting on my check come in hopefully next week!! ✌️