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Hi guys, Just a quick(ish) one for the crew..

How do you guys feel about defoliation? Especially in flower or to be precise, during or just after stretch?

I know doing it too late will harm bud production or doing it too much or even at all as I’ve heard from the show every bit of stress a plant has even tiny amounts can stop or slow the growth so  then it can heal it self before carrying on again.
I saw the show where Jeff Lowenfels said not to take ANY! But i did catch where guru said about bio mass and what we actually want to get from the plant etc…

That there youtube, it seems to have contradicting info as per but with most people saying completely strip about week 3 in flower.

I have four plants(pictured) just about to flip to flower and I’ve got thinking about  how much i want to take off if not any and wondered if you all could help a nooby grower out by giving me some more thoughts of this subject.
All i have done so far is lolli popped a little for airflow
Thanks for any info DGC you guys have the best info on the youtubes. I like all the vids! Hope to come over from the uk for a meet one day peace out guys!

p.s Scotty duck the haters keep doing what you do bro! Smoke it up man!!!