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What’s the purpose of defoliation when using LEDs vs HPS bulbs?

As a new grower I’m keen to understand the true purpose of defoliation. Is it to reduce micro climates between plants/leafs? Is it to open up the canopy to possible photons of energy hitting new growth i.e leafs, bud sites? There seem to be many arguments/observations around this subject.

My personal view on defoliation is primarily to remove the risk of micro-climates (mould, pests etc..) the argument of removing leafs in order to open up the cannopy (i.e. bud sites/new growth) to be an old practice. Why do I think this? Horticulture LEDs have been designed to give off a spectrum of  light (visible/non-visible), that spectrum will come in the form of photons (wavelength and Freq) if you have a light that has enough Watts (consumed energy) to penetrate the canopy why do we still believe removing certain fan leafs to be advantages to growth when in reality the photons passing through that leaf are so small they will hardly be affected by the leaf matter which they come up against (resistance)?

However, I’m not sure about HPS I’m assuming the practices of defoliatiom to open up bud sites to be a practice of old horticulture techniques. HPS are inherently inefficient (give off heat) and have an omni directional (360) photon release which is mitigated with an aluminum hood (redirects photon with loses), you also have a glass bulb between your source of wavelength and frequency (photon) energy being emitted which filters out some of the spectrum.

I’m sure someone understands physics and biology to a higher degree than myself and can give a counter argument as i believe it to be beneficial to establish a true purpose for defoliation when using LEDs vs HPS.