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Super freaks and weed geeks. Got 2 intake fans. One pulls from outside and can bring in some pretty cold bitter blasts! One pulls from my “office” less cold but still cold. I was using duct work with slashes in it to distribute air. After the talk about slashing vs. actually removing circles of material a plan was made to change. I was not getting as much wind outta the slashes. I used vac seal plastic tube all the way down the wall. I ended up using my soldering iron to melt full circular holes in plastic. Well it totally worked great. And because when I bump into the plastic it just gives Way. I don’t feel like I have wasted all that room with the ductwork. I was able to run my tubing down lower where It can tickle my ladies with Little breezes. I really put a lot of holes in it because I’m not trying to impede anything. Just distribute. I find dealing with air flow just one of my biggest activities out there. There’s no mistaking the arctic blast areas when you see the color changes so obviously in certain spots. I will definitely be changing my greenhouse duct work “heater” to this style.

Fans fans fans…. I have many. I love them all. Without them none of this dankness would be possible.  6 inch all the way to 20.  Did you think I was implying that I was some kind of hot shit? Haa haaaa.  Nope just fans. The thing about them though is getting the right speeds in the right places. It can be a hassle.  This is hardware from a TV wall mount. I attached the fan hardware to it with self tappers. I usually keep this in a corner but needed it where it is now. I am able to really get anal on where I want the air. A lot of the time I really just want to mount a fan in a corner and cannot accommodate the oscillator space wise. This brings it out to where it can freely do it’s thang.  Hardware is awesome. It’s all over the place for free if your looking.  I never get roses from my fans, only dank.