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What’s up DGC,

Dude, Fellow broward County transplant Scotty and Guru the absolute fucking guru.

Thanks for such a dope show, just started tuning in a couple weeks or so ago and I’m stuck. Been growing about 7 years now right around Denver, and Every single episode has been so knowledgeable. I love the topics. I appreciate all the information! I’d love to share my set up with y’all.

1st of all let me just say. Scotty I’m super jealous of your waters ppm out the tap up in those hills… I’m over here near Denver and I’m 300+ppm from the tap..

My personal setup at the moment is an 8×4 tent with 2 1000 watt hps vented through the tent, so the tent is sealed. Not 100% sealed but pretty decently. Portable ac unit sitting outside the tent on cinder blocks, piped directly into my view window of the tent. Temp sits about 78-85 in veg with rh 60-80… flower 73-80 rh about 50-60. Depending on time of year of course. Winter the nights get a little colder. Co2 (tank with controller) Humidifier for the drier times in veg while they fill the tent. Dehu for flower. 2 gallon fabric pots with tuper coco and myko. Using botanicare nutes with a few additives like power si in veg and bloom, and moab in bloom. (And I just grabbed my 1st bag of recharge today. Self made automated watering system, using floraflex manifolds, feeding about 6 times per day.
This is also my drying tent. After harvest.

The strain im sharing with you all is delux sugarcane by inhouse genetics. Taken 77 days in flower.

Thanks again for all the info, and the great community.