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Hola DGC, Yes that’s right Deported adoptee.  I’ve been listening to Scotty Real talk about Costa Rica. lately. So I wanted to share my Costa Story with you guys. I was born in Costa Rica  legally adopted  as a child in the United States  ( Wisconsin prohibition land) I lived in Milwaukee for 35 years. I always wanted to go back to Costa Rica And see what my life could of been, 10 days vacation to Costa it was great, on my return home  Atlanta International airport  I was informed that I was not a us citizen and that I was actually a citizen of Costa Rica. I was Deported. That’s the short version because I’m running out of room. But I’m stranded here in paradise. So I was wondering if I he DGC crew would be willing to help  this 1st time grower be successful. Thanks Guys.        Pura vida