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If you don’t have the money to buy new medium for all your plants or you don’t want to wait for composting then this might be the solution. A cheap sifter and some dirty hands. I don’t know what order the pics will come in but I grab a chuck of the root ball and rub it into the sifter that’s sitting on a bucket, after everything is ran through and I have a separate bucket full of roots and bigger chunks that were collected. I pour the good dirt back through the sifter and shake it to collect anything I may have pushed through by hand.  I like to mix coco and soil and other things so I just add some compost from the local grow shop a little coffee grounds and another baking item I’m experimenting with right and of course I add a good dose of Recharge to the mix and I’m ready for the next run. You do what you want just thought I would share. Sifter was 16 bucks on Amazon.