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Hey DGC family, first and far most thanks for the hard work on bring growers together! Scotty light your joint!! The shit about to get real.. I’ve been growing SUPER DANK for 10 years! all in DWC, and no i’m not a control freak!!! GURU and SCOTTY!!! But this is the first time introducing RECHARGE to my feeding Regimen and i cant believe me eye!! Im growing purple punch, orange sherbet, and Forbidden Fruit, under 2 spider farm 4000, co2 tanks, ppm @1400 this is week 7 flower,  I’m at 77 degrees, RH 45 and i never used a water chiller, i was using a product called PHOTOSYNTHESIS PLUS you know guru the stinky shit!! But now that i’m a proud DGC patron!! spend my money with my family!! by the way GURU explain to the me and DGC family about the BIO-WAVE!! I’m 47 yrs old call me OLD SKOOL Scotty but ain’t this just a new way of plating music to your plants?? Thanks guys!! and by the way!! DUDE i know you don’t like it!! before i hit my plants with Recharge!! I tell them its time to WAKE up you BITCHES!! Go Recharge!!!