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Dewey Mister INC.
3336 S Jenkins Rd.
Fort Pierce FL 34981
Phone: 772-971-6899

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The Dewey Mister


The patented Dewey Mister is an extremely effective and efficient air-powered aeroponic mister. When submerged in water, the air pressure pulls and water from the reservoir and builds up pressure as it mixes. When excess pressure is achieved, the water mixtures then explodes out of the top of the mixer, creating an irrigation mist for your plants. The Dewey Mister continuously mixes and sprays the cool nutrient water. The mister almost never clogs and is therefore great for any nutrient solution, including organic blends. This eliminates the need for a water pump and an air-stone. You’ll be amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of this awesome and innovative mister!

Supreme Air Pump

The Supreme Air Pumps are great for 1 Dewey Mister In Aeroponics applications, the Dewey Mister will oxygenate and criculateing the water and increase the uptake of nutrients by the plant. The oxygen also strengthens the plant’s roots and helps prevents root rot. These air pumps super silent and built to be very durable in even the most extreme growing environments.

– Single outlet 140 L/H 937GPH)
– 120V
– 60Hz
– 2.8 Watts
– Pressure >0.010Mpa
– Durable ABS plastic
– Energy efficient
– High Output
– Quiet
– Low power oil-less motor
– One Year Warranty
– For 3/16″ ID tubing


MisterSerts are made from a pliable yet durable food-grade dishwasher-safe rubber. The MisterSerts are great for germinating seeds or rooting clones. These inserts will replace the need for neoprene inserts and net pots. No more tangled roots and disposable neoprene inserts means easier transplanting, easier cleanup, and lower long-term cost. This simple Growing Solution will make a big difference. They are available in 1 3/8″ and 2″ sizes and are used in the Dewey Mister Cloners and Growing Machines.

Dewey Mister Growing Containers
With versatility, functionality, scalability, and ease of maintenance at the forefront, Dewey Mister features 2 growing containers: The Master Series and The Magician Series.

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The Master – This is the most basic Dewey Mister container. Simple, yet functional, the Master is a 5 gallon food-grade bucket Growing Machine. Topped with a snug net top lid, coco pebbles as growing media, and powered by 2 Dewey Misters, this is great for both the Veg and Flowering phase. With a “Chill-Ready” option, these simple and versatile machines are MASTER growers.

The Magician – These containers are magical! Available in 10 Sites or 50 Site, the Stainless Steel 2′ “Chill-Ready” high-quality professional-grade containers will leave you asking, “How did they do that!?” These make awesome high-volume cloners and super fun “clip & flip” Sea of Green machines. Powered by 4 Dewey Misters and utilizing 2″ MisterSerts, these machines make MAGIC!

Dewey Mister Growing Machines

The Dewey Mister is such a powereful engine we had to build machines to compliment this new patented technology. We are proud to announce 2 series of grow machines: The Master and The Magician.

The Master – Simple, effective and economical this bucket machine features two high powered Dewey Misters, is great for both the Flower and Veg Stages and can be ordered “Chill-Ready”. These Machines wek great with our innovative CVF Perpetual Grow Systems.

The Magician – This 2′ Stainless Steel Machine is both versitle and pure magic. This Machine can be used as a 10 Site or a 50 Site and is “Chill-Ready”. This is an awesome durable machine for either The Sea of Green Clip & Flip or for a heavy duty high volume cloner.

Perpetual Growing Systems
Whether you are a newbie to growing with Aeroponics or Hydroponics or an expert you will appreciate the ease of use, the reliability, maintenance and amazing productivity of these aeroponic growing Mister Machines. Aeroponics is not only the fastest method of growing most plants, but also boasts the highest yields when maintained properly. Until now, this method has been underutilized in the industry due to the complexity, maintenance and cost of these types of systems. Thanks to The Dewey Mister, the invention of the most innovative product to hit the Aero/Hydro market in ages cloning and growing with aeroponics has never been easier.

Dewey Mister C-V-F 1-1-2 Grow System

This system is perfect for anyone who wants a consistent harvest. The C-V-F 1-1-2 is simply (1) Cloner, (1) Veg Master Machine and (2) Flower Master Machines which makes ready one plant for harvest every 4 weeks. This is perfect system for those growing medicinals.

C-V-F 1-1-2 Grow Fast includes:
1 – 14 Site Clone Master
1 – Veg Master Machine
2 – Flower Master Machine

Dewey Mister C-V-F 1-2-4 Grow System

The C-V-F 1-2-4 is simply (1) Cloner, (2) Veg Master Machine and (4) Flower Master Machines which makes ready two plant for harvest every 4 weeks. This is the perfect system for those consistent harvests.

C-V-F 1-2-4 includes:

1 – 14 Site Clone Master
2 – Veg Master Machines
4 – Flower Master Machines
1 – 35 Eco Air Pump

Dewey Mister C-V-F 1-4-8 Grow System

The C-V-F 1-4-8 is simply (1) Cloner, (4) Veg Master Machine and (8) Flower Master Machines which makes ready four plants for harvest every 4 weeks.

C-V-F 1-4-8 includes:

1 – 14 Site Clone Master
4 – Veg Master Machines
8 – Flower Master Machines
1 – 200 watt Eco Air Pump

Sea of Green Magic Perpetual Grow System

We have made flowering faster than ever with this “clip and flip” Sea of Green Magic Machine. Powered by 4 patented DeweyMisters with built in chiller tubes (chiller not included), this sturdy professional Stainless Steel system will allow you to skip the Veg Phase and go directlty from clone to flower. The growth cycle is shortened. While each plant yields less than in a C-V-F system the total yield is incresed by flowering many more plants in a confined space creating a “Sea of Green” effect. The DeweyMister Sea of Green systems are fast and fun.

The Sea of Green Magic Perpetual Grow System includes:

3 – 2′ Stainless Steel 10 Site Magic Machine (Chill Ready)
30 – 2″ MisterSerts
12 – DeweyMisters
1 – 80 watt Air Pump
1 – Splitter
1- Air Tubing